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Have Questions? 


How do I know if I qualify?

Many Louisiana Residents qualify to have Louisiana Medicaid to pay for their services. All individual cases are different. If you do not have services and would like to see if you qualify, call Louisiana Long Term Care at 1-877-456-1146. Be sure to have you medicaid number and any other medical history information available. 


I do not have medicaid, what now?


At KEA, INC. we provide you with quality private pay services. To find out more information about our private pay rates, please contact our offices during our regular business hours and someone will be glad to assist you. 


I do not want a stranger in my home, but I want services. 

As a recipient of long term care services, you do have rights. If there is someone that you are comfortable with, send them over to fill out an application or they can click here. Once approved and trained, they can start assisting you.

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